The Guide to Advent Devotionals.

advent4.PNGAdvent is mainly among the Catholics and Orthodox, and it is a favorite season of the church year. They have customs that include the Advent wreath. The season of Advent till today remains to be a mystery to most people. Most people stay with questions like: is Advent like Christmas? What colors used during this season? They are all excellent questions since the understanding of church year is essential in the Christian doctrine. However, most Christians do not avail themselves do not avail themselves in the advent devotionals for the purpose of deepening their prayer life. You will realize that those who are not Christians benefit in the discovery of this season which is full of simplicity and contemplation. Visit this for more.

Advent is a Latin word that means arrival and is used to indicate the coming of Jesus Christ. The official color used during this season and the devotionals are usually purple or violet, but in a week there, they change and add pink. Depending on the year, they can begin it from either early December or by the end of November.
Since Advent is a period of expectation, the Catholics and Orthodox Christians do devotionals during the season as they expect the first coming of Jesus Christ. It commemorates the hundreds of years spent waiting for the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It makes much sense since advent leads to Christmas. It is clear that advent is not Christmas but the whole point is to make devotions as we wait for Christmas. Explore more on Water From Rock.

Advent is much like Lent whereby it’s a season of austerity, which is a scaled-back season in the Catholic Church year. During the devotionals, they ensure that there is partial fasting, less festive season and a more sober period before the joyful Christmas. There is a lot of emphasis on repentance as preached by John the Baptist in the advent season.

Simply, advent is not the same as Christmas. It is a different season. It starts by being simple then followed by Christmas which is full of celebrations. During the Advent season, the Christians are supposed to go deeper in the word as they get involved in a lot of prayers and daily devotions. Advent is also a greenery wreath where they light about four to five candles but depending on whether the Christmas candle still included. There are no restrictions on who should be part of the advent devotionals anyone can join them. Explore more at