Preparation for Advent Devotionals with the Family

advent5.PNGAdvent is a regular season of the church among the Orthodox and the Catholics. The season remains a mystery to many as they do not know what it entails. Most Christians use this time of the year to deepen their Christian doctrine and prayer life. This season also helps the non-Christians as they can discover the simplicity and contemplation of life.

Advent devotion is much like lent devotional in that it is an austerity season. It is not a fasting season but a less festive and bare season. It is a period before the celebration of the birth of Christ. People are encouraged to repent as depicted by John the Baptist.

One can get ready for the advent in many ways including daily devotions, prayer, fasting, and novenas. Catholics have useful tools that help them get prepared for the event. These devices include the following; nativity scenes, saints’ movies, advent wreaths, Christmas movies, home decoration and cooking. Read more on Water From Rock lent devotional.

It is essential that particular time is set aside for prayers and meditation during this time of the year. Time should be set aside to pray alone and also have devotions with the family. The meaning of Christmas can be lost in the process as this is usually a stressful time. Advent wreath can be used by the family for devotions as it is a potent tool. An advent candle is traditionally lit on a wreath where people gather to pray week in week out. This devotion creates a significant impact on the kids, and they always remember it for years. Check this site for more.

During the Advent season, it is essential to spend your time with the family. There are various ways to spend the time with the family such as watching favorite movies, cooking unique dishes, playing cards and just giving them your precious time is pretty cool. The children should be allowed to decorate the Christmas tree. Spend your time enjoying the season. It’s equally important to watch fun holiday movies and Santa movies.

It is essential to decorate the home and make special foods for the family. The main reason why we love this season is the beautiful things we encounter, and the delicious dishes served to us. One can hang the loveliest pictures of the holy family on the walls. The Catholic faith is beautiful, and one can take advantage of this devotional time by hanging greenery and lights. The preparations for the birth of the king are done by setting the Christmas tree and lighting the outside of your homestead. Make sure to play Christmas songs at Christmas dinner. Lighting candles for the Christ child are equally good. See more at